Someno is the work of Sommelier and Enologist.

Sommelier can recognize and appreciate every detail of well made wine. Enologist can sour high quality grapes and make superb wine.

When the Sommelier and the Enologist work together cooperating their knowledge and give the best of them, searching for harmony and balance of flavors, aromas and texture, then wine should be of bespoke quality.

In 2011 Georgi Mihov was searching for superb boutique red wine made of native Bulgarian grape variety for а private customer. At this time the idea for Someno comes to his mind. In regards to the wine for his private customer he’d managed to find it year later. Someno brand will be all about quality. Extremely limited premium wines of series up to 300 bottles made by local or typical Bulgarian grapes.

First Someno wines are Buket and Rikat from Borovitza Winery in Norh-West of Bulgaria.

Bouquet is local grape variety created in Bulgaria in the middle of 50’s by crossing local Mavrud grape with Pinot Noir.

Rikat is the local name of Rkatsiteli grape. Even though not local this is the most planted white grape in Bulgaria.